Professional Tree Removal Services in San Diego, California

My brother in law owns San Diego Tree Removal services and I just wanted to give him a quick shout out on my blog.  They do great work and are reliable & professional all the way.  I know it's a long shot, but if you're reading this and you need tree services in So Cal.  Give them a call. 


palm tree trimmingIf you're reading this page it is probably because you are a homeowner that needs trees removed or trimmed from your property. Most of our visitors need some type of tree service and are looking for a reputable tree removal company to do the job for them at a fair price. If this is why you're here you can rest assured that you've come to the right place.

San Diego Tree Removal has been in business for over a decade. We have been safely trimming and removing trees from both residential and commercial properties for over ten years. During that time we have removed hundreds if not thousands of challenging trees and we have left just as many satisfied customers behind us.

In 2010 we are still a small family company that is run by the owner. San Diego Tree Removal is large enough to tackle the largest trees in our area yet small enough to do the small jobs that the larger companies don't want to be bothered with. We have a great team of arborists. Our crew has the skills and resources to handle the most difficult trees in the tightest situations and do it all in a safe manner.

Old Fashioned Service

We;re is not the biggest tree removal company in San Diego and we have no desire to be. We are focused on providing professional tree removal services for our customers while maintaining that "old-fashioned/small-company" feel that is all but extinct in the tree removal industry. Today we have huge franchises and corporate giants to compete with in the tree removal industry. We have found that we can't match their marketing budgets and we don't have a fleet of shiny new trucks. Where we beat them is with our outstanding service and quality work. In the tree business you will always get better service from a small, family-owned and operated company like ours than you will from a corporate giant with a revolving door of employees. We were built on this principle - "Our service is better!"

Quotes not Estimates

Since our company was founded we have never given a customer an estimate. Instead we provide our potential customers with quotes in writing. What's the difference you ask? Allow me to explain:

An estimate is just that- an estimate of what the job is going to cost the customer. If you're given an estimate from a company for $500 the actual bill for the job when complete could be several hundred dollars more than the estimate you were given before the job was started. Many companies do this; they give an "estimate" of a low number to get the job while knowing full well that the amount on the invoice at the end of the job is going to be higher than the amount that was estimated before the job was started. This is a shady practice that produces unhappy customers. How would you like to get a quote for $500 and get an invoice for $900 at the end of the job? When you question the invoice you'll get some lame excuse about how the job took longer than expected.

Licensed and Insured

San Diego Tree Removal is fully licensed and insured to trim and remove trees in the states of Massachusetts. Our licensed arborists use proper safety gear and the best modern equipment to trim and remove trees from our customer's properties. The tree business can be very dangerous. We often take down huge trees that fall within few feet of houses, cars, fences etc and things can go wrong very easily. You do not want to hire a tree removal company in Massachusetts that is not fully insured. We always carry the proper insurance to protect our customers and also ourselves in case an accident does occur. Copies of these insurance certificates are available by request.

Industry Associations

San Diego Tree Removal believes that it is important to support our Tree Removal Industry organizations. MTWR holds memberships in the following tree removal organizations.

  • Tree Care Industry Association
  • California Arborists Association
  • The Tree Fund
  • The utility Arborist Association

Visit our Tree Removal Links page for more information on these organizations.

We hope you like what you have read about our company. Please visit our Contact page if you'd like to contact us to setup an appointment.

Tree Removal Equipment

Our team of arborists uses some of the best safety gear in the industry. We also utilize our bucket truck; chipper and 60-foot man lift on every job. Our equipment is first class and always ready to work.

Setup an Appointment

If you're ready to get a quote from a professional tree removal company that is licensed and fully insured in Massachusetts you can contact us to setup an appointment using the information on our Contact page.