Best Wine of the Month Club Subscriptions 2021

Your Guide to Choosing a Wine Subscription Club

Oh, wine. You and I, we have a long, tumultuous history together. How can I forget the way you purified the dusty taste buds of my childhood with that first fateful sip? Then you became my confidante, as the only one who would always be willing to forgive me for what I did last night. Nowadays all I want is to enjoy your fruity goodness in peace without having to taste everything from every corner of your world – that’s why I need a wine of the month club subscription!

It’s just too hard these days to keep up with all new wines: each month there are new ones and old ones going off-sale. How am I supposed to keep track of it all? And we both know that you, my friend, deserve better than to sit on the shelf gathering dust. That’s why I need a true partner in wine – and in life – with which to enjoy each month’s selection.
I’ve been a member of several wine of the month club and wine box subscriptions over the years.  To be honest, I’ve been disappointed by the selection of wines for some of these subscriptions.  This is what inspired me to compile a review of the best wine of the month club’s so you can compare them side by side and choose the best subscription that will give you the wines you enjoy most at a price that you can afford.

#1 California Wine Club


The California Wine Club has been curating an amazing list of award winning California wines for nearly 25 years.  They definitely know their wines from the region, which means you’ll get top quality, small batch wines from the top wineries in the state.

These guys pay attention to the details.  Every year they test and reject hundreds of wines.  They only select the wines THEY LOVE, which means you’ll receive only the best wines they would serve to friends and family in their own homes.

Some of the additional perks I really love about California Wine Club include their personal wine assistant.  A real life person will work with you, getting to know your preferred wine tastes and needs.  This will ensure you get monthly wines that you will absolutely love, with out the guess work.  Another cool benefit is their VIP wine tour feature.  If you love to travel AND try great wines form California, you can book a premium wine tour experience at an of the wineries they feature.

They feature 5 different wine club levels, give you the option to subscribe to specific wine varietals as well as different price points which are affordable for nearly every budget.

california wine club

Premium Series

  • Their original club level gives you 2 artisan bottles per month
  • Uncorked guide to the winery which features wine tasting notes, tips and insights to California wine making.
  • Complete satisfaction with their Love It Guarantee
  • Re-order your favorites at a 50% discount on every bottle with $1 shipping on half & full case shipments
  • Pricing starts at $41.95 per shipment.

Signature Series

  • Top level wine club for collectors & connoisseurs
  • Access to gold medal, 90+ rated wines in limited production.
  • 2 bottles (or 4) of small production California wines
  • Uncorked guide to the winery which features wine tasting notes, tips and insights to California wine making
  • Complete satisfaction with their Love It Guarantee
  • Re-order your favorites at a 20% discount on every bottle with $1 shipping on half & full case shipments
  • Complete satisfaction with their Love It Guarantee
  • Pricing starts at $134 per shipment

International Series

  • The perfect club for adventurous wine lovers who want to taste wines from Argentina, France, Germany and more
  • 2 bottles per month from boutique wineries around the world
  • Uncorked guide to the winery which features wine tasting notes, tips and insights to wines from the featured country
  • Complete satisfaction with their Love It Guarantee
  • Re-order your favorites at a 50% discount on every bottle with $1 shipping on half & full case shipments
  • Complete satisfaction with their Love It Guarantee
  • Pricing starts at $71 per shipment

Aged Cabernet Series

  • If you love bold, aged Cabernet’s this is the club level for you
  • 2 amazing bottles of Cabernet aged 7-12 years
  • Uncorked guide to the winery which features wine tasting notes, tips and insights to California wine making
  • Complete satisfaction with their Love It Guarantee
  • Re-order your favorites at a 20% discount on every bottle with $1 shipping on half & full case shipments
  • Pricing starts at $59 per shipment.

Pacific Northwest Series

  • If you love fine crafted wines from the Oregon and Washington regions, you will be delighted with the wines chosen from these mom & pop wineries
  • 2 handcrafted bottles from Washington & Oregon’s artisan, boutique wineries
  • Uncorked guide to the winery which features wine tasting notes, tips and insights the Pacific Northwest wine making scene
  • Complete satisfaction with their Love It Guarantee
  • Re-order your favorites at a 20% discount on every bottle with $1 shipping on half & full case shipments
  • Pricing starts at $77 per shipment

Wine Club Level Guide

wine club level guide

#2 Gold Medal Wine Club


The Gold Medal Wine club is one of the most comprehensive wine club subscriptions out there today.  Aside from being one of the oldest wine clubs in the industry, with over 25 years experience delivering the top California wines, they specialize in providing it’s members with only the highest rated, award winning wines.  Even better, all of the wines offered in their six different club levels are from small batch, family owned wineries which you will not usually find at your local grocery or liquor stores. 

The Gold Medal Wine Club is perfect for wine lovers who want to discover new wineries and varietals as well as for people who love California wines.  They have 6 different club levels, each catering to different wine styles and pricing is different for each club level, so you’re sure to find a subscription that fits your taste in wines and budget.  Here’s some more information on each of the available clubs from Gold Medal Wine Club.

gold medal wine club

Gold Level

  • Their most popular club which includes top rated California red & white wines.
  • Monthly or quarterly deliveries available.
  • Choose from 2 bottles mixed, 2 whites, 2 reds or 4 bottles mixed for this club level.
  • Available wine varietals include Cabernet’s Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Fran, Chenin Blanc and many more.
  • Pricing starts at $40.95 per shipment.

Platinum Level

  • Pick from a huge selection of 90+ rated wines with access to collectible wines from the top small batch wine makers
  • Get access to per-releases and exclusive wines available only to Platinum level members
  • Receive 2 bottles per month, mostly red wines.
  • Pricing starts at $88 per shipment

International Level

  • Rare access to amazing international wines from family owned wineries around the world
  • Hand picked wines that are not available anywhere else in the United States
  • Included with each shipment is a full color catalog with details on the wines you receive. 
  • Optional International Gourmet Package which includes gourmet treats from around the world, paired to your wine selections.
  • 3 bottles per shipment. 2 reds/1 white or rose.
  • Pricing starts at $69 per shipment

Garagiste Level

  • Authentic garagiste wines made in ultra small batches by independent winemakers.
  • Amazing, hard to find wine varietals from less than 1500 case quantities
  • 2-4 bottles per shipment (mostly reds)
  • Monthly, every other month or quarterly delivery options.
  • Pricing starts at $59 per shipment.

Pino Noir Level

  • If you have a passion for pinots, this is the club for you.
  • Highly rated pinots from world-class, small production California wineries
  • 2 bottles per shipment
  • Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly shipments available
  • Pricing starts at $69 per shipment

Diamond Level

  • The ultimate wine subscription experience.  You’ll receive luxury premium red wines rated 93-99.
  • Only 500 recipients in this club.
  • 2 amazing bottles per shipment
  • Quarterly shipping
  • Pricing starting at $175 per shipment.

Gold Medal Wine Club Reviews

"My husband & I discovered Gold Medal Wine Club a few years ago...the wine gifts have been incredibly popular with our friends and relatives. In fact they look forward to it every year now!

Gwen Nevins

A subscription to or a Wine of the Month Club Gift from the Gold Medal Wine Club is a great way for one to discover superb, small production wines typically not available in stores.

Food & Wine

I have been a member of Gold Medal Wine Club since my birthday in October of 1992. My first membership was a gift. Now I enjoy monthly wines from the Gold and Platinum wine clubs, and occasionally I treat myself to a shipment of Diamond wines.

D. Pope

#3 90 Plus Cellars


Founded in 2009, 90 + Cellars is one of the fastest growing wine brands in the country. What makes this company unique is that they search the globe for spectacular wines from highly-acclaimed wineries and vineyards and bottle those wines under their own 90+ label for less. So you’re getting amazing wines from award winning grapes, but not having to pay the higher prices associated with the brand labels from those specific wineries/vineyards. While they’re not able to divulge the names of the wineries they work with, you can rest assured you’ll be getting wines from the best names in the industry, including top Napa Valley producers that sell wines for well north of $100/bottle.

The 90+ Cellars business is focused on both curation and value. The company’s wine panel tastes hundreds of wines every year, selecting only the absolute best.

And through their unique model of seeking out over-supply and long-term relationships with wineries and vineyards, 90+ Cellars is able to pass along incredible savings to the end consumer. So, that bottle of highly-regarded Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley that is selling under its source label for $35, can sell for $18 under the 90+ Cellars label. Or the bottle of $80 cru Barolo can sell for $40. Wine Club members get even better deals. 90+ Cellars’ wines start at under $12/bottle and go up to $40.

90+ cellars bases their quarterly subscription around seasonal wine selections.  When you sign up, you’ll receive your first shipment based on the current season, so your wines will vary throughout the year according to the season.  The summer wines are generally lighter whites and rosés, while the fall and winter shipments will be predominantly reds.

The 3 and 6 bottle subscriptions feature different wines from California, Italy, New Zealand and beyond.

90+ cellars wine club

Club Benefits:

  • Huge portfolio of curated, seasonal appropriate wines
  • Wines from top regions including Monterey, Russian River Valley, Piedmont, New Zealand and more.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Perfect for wine lovers who want to try new styles and regions at an affordable price point
  • Free wine brochure with every shipment to educate members on the wine maker, region, grapes and tasting notes
  • 3, 6 & 12 bottle subscription packages
  • Club shipments get sent four times per year, in March, June, September and December.



  • 6 Bottles Red Wine 1 Box (6 bottle pack) $95.00
  • 12 Bottles Red Wine 1 Case (12 bottle pack) $180.00
  • 3 Bottles, Mixed Reds & Whites 1 3 bottle pack $50.00
  • 6 Bottles, Mixed Reds & Whites 1 Box (6 bottle pack) $95.00
  • 12 Bottles, Mixed Reds & Whites 1 Case (12 bottle pack) $180.00


#4. Wine Awesomeness


Wine Awesomeness is a curated wine club that was developed to assist curious wine drinkers try a variety of different wine styles, grapes and wines from different regions around the world. 

Each month, you’ll receive 3 to 6 wines that have been curated by their team of wine makers and sommeliers which focus on a specific region.  They search for award winning wines that help club members explore new wine varieties that they’ve never been exposed to before.  Generally, I’ve never been extremely impressed with wine subscription services in this price range, but I’ve continued to be surprised by the quality of the wines I received , considering you’ll be paying less than $15 per bottle on their 6 bottle subscription plan. 

Another nice perk, aside from their already low per bottle pricing, is the other perks that help you save money on your wine purchases.  Wine re-orders receive free shipping if you just can’t wait for your subscription package and you will also get 20% off any additional wine orders of 3 bottles or more.

You can choose from several prepaid memberships that send wine in 3, 6 or 12 month intervals.  You can also select from a 3 or 6 bottle membership.  When you go with the 3 bottle plan, you can reds, whites or a variety selection.  The 6 bottle plan only allows you to choose the variety option, which means you’ll receive several different varieties in each shipment.  If you’re strictly a red or white drinker, the 3 bottle plan may get you more wines of your liking. 

Wine Awesomeness also makes gifting a wine club subscription extremely easy.  You have the option of managing the subscription for the recipient or allowing them to manage the wines they receive.  Not all clubs allow this flexibility, so this is a stand out feature of the Wine Awesomeness club experience.

wine awesomeness club review

Club Benefits:

  • FREE delivery & 20% off the wine list
  • First access to new wine each month
  • Access to unlisted wine and small batch runs
  • Monthly member perks (fun deals on wine, special rewards and more!)
  • Wine Cellar access which includes digital tasting notes, recipe pairings, and personal ratings & reviews
  • No extra fees or hidden costs
  • Access to our curated wine list containing wines from all around the world



  • 3 Bottle Membership – $49/box (3 wines + wine cellar access, Free Delivery & 20% off reorders)
  • 6 Bottle Membership – $79/box (6 wines + wine cellar access, Free Delivery & 20% off reorders)

#5. Wired for Wine


The Wired for Wine 90+ club specializes in offering only wines rated 90+ by top wine critics which means you’ll receive absolutely amazing tasting wines with each delivery. When you’re a member of their club, you will never receive any bulk wines..ever, and you’ll always pay discounted prices below the suggested retail cost.  This particular club is a case club, which means you’ll receive a case a of wine with every delivery (12 bottles), typically shipped on a quarterly basis.

If you’re like me, it’s very easy to get into a wine rut.  I find myself sticking with the wines I know and rarely venturing outside of my wine comfort zone.  What I like about this club is that it will break you out of your rut, so you can find amazing new wines that are affordable with a full satisfaction guarantee.  most wine clubs don’t allow returns, but Wired for Wine allows you to return anything you’re not 100% satisfied with within 30 days.  Comparing this to similarly priced wine case clubs, I’ve found the wine quality to be far superior.  Wired for Wine stands out as one of the best wine subscription clubs around.  

wired for wine 90+ club

Club Benefits:

  • 12 wines every 3 months.
  • Tasting notes and serving suggestions for every wine.
  • Thoughtful food pairing suggestions for each wine.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied, they will be happy to accept a return for a full refund within 30 days of delivery.
  • Free ground shipping to your home or office – adult signature required.
  • The “White” club may include Rose and sparkling.
  • Shipping notifications sent to your email or text to let you know it is coming.



  • One time purchase is $188.86
  • Quartely Subscription – $169.97 (10% savings)

#6 The Original Wine of The Month Club™


There are many benefits to wine but not every type is right for everyone. That’s why Paul Kalemkiarian has created the original Wine of The Month Club™ that provides different wines every month. He believes this will expose people to wines they might not have tried as well as provide them with new favorites. One thing that makes his club different from others is that all the bottles are organic and sulfite free. This means you can drink them without worrying about possible health risks or allergic reactions. The Original Wine of the Month Club offers a variety of benefits that you won’t find from any other company.

Their site lets you select your wine preferences for taste, region, style, when you would like to receive your shipment and how many bottles you want in each shipment. The Original Wine of the Month Club will ship monthly, quarterly or every three months as well as provide special promotions throughout the year. They never charge any extra fees or add ons for shipping. You save by receiving this amazing service at such a great price.

You can choose between a red, white or sparkling. Some of the reds you can choose from are Pinot Noir, Syrah and Merlot. Whites include Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Sparkling wines include Prosecco and Champagne. You won’t have to worry about getting something you don’t like because you select it yourself. How great is that?

What makes this company unique is that all customers have access to a private club website where they can learn more about wine and get advice on how to pair different foods with their wines of choice. They also have a great selection of wines from all around the world and are now offering organic wine, which is really popular right now.

Paul Kalemkiarian is passionate about wine and wants to share this experience with other people. He believes that wine can enhance your life if you know how to enjoy it. You will enjoy his wine of the month club because it provides you with a monthly surprise that is always unique and good. If you’re thinking about joining a wine subscription club, Wine of the Month has all the details you need to make your decision for the best wine club in town.

the original wine of the month club

Club Benefits:

  • 13 different club levels with hundreds of wines available from all wine varietals
  • No hidden club fees or charges. Just pay for the wine, shipping and state sales tax. That’s it
  • You can place a hold on your shipments any time you like
  • Refer your friends to one of their clubs and receive free gifts
  • Receive free wine education with every order to help you learn more about wine selecting and pairing
  • 2 6 & 12 bottle subscription packages in all wine styles
  • Club shipments get sent four times per year, in March, June, September and December.


  • Classic Series Wine Club – 2 bottles at $24.96/month
  • California Wine Series Wine Club – 2 bottles at $29.96/month
  • Vintners Series Wine Club – 2 bottles at $34.96/month
  • Limited Series Wine Club – 2 bottles at $45.96/month
  • Cellar Series Wine Club – 6 bottles at $74.88/shipment
  • Case Club Series Wine Club – 12 bottles at $149.76/shipment
  • Mystery Case Wine Club – 12 bottles at $99/shipment
  • Napa Series Wine Club – 2 bottles at $49.99/shipment
  • Bordeaux Series Wine Club – 2 bottles at $49.99/shipment
  • Rosé Series Wine Club – 2 bottles at $39.99/shipment
  • Pinot Noir Series Wine Club – 2 bottles at $80/shipment
* (Club Packages Do Not Include Shipping or Gift Charges)

What You Need to Know About Wine Clubs

The very first Wine of the Month Club was founded by a British journalist named George Saintsbury back in 1882. However, five years before that, another similar club was founded in the United States. These clubs were originally created to provide wine connoisseurs with access to fine wines from around the world. And they still do just that!

Wine clubs work by providing either quarterly or monthly shipments of high quality wine for a small fee (usually $25 and up). There is usually no additional charge as long as you stay enrolled in the club. Often wine clubs feel like they are a great value because the wines you receive are often exclusive to the club, and you won’t find them in stores.

What kinds of wines do wine clubs offer?

Wine clubs generally specialize in different grape varieties and regions of the world, or focus on certain price ranges. You might even find a wine club that only offers sparkling wines! When browsing wine clubs, it’s best to clearly define what you are after so that you can get exactly what you expect every time. You should also check out the membership fees associated with each club. Typically one year costs around $200-300 for those that offer quarterly shipments and $50-150 annually for monthly shipments.

Yet another perk of wine clubs is the fact that they tend to offer great customer service. Only the top quality clubs have been able to maintain their reputation with consistent shipments, and that’s because they take care of their customers! They typically have high standards for customer satisfaction, and are more than happy to answer your questions, respond to your concerns, and make sure you are completely satisfied with each shipment.

Now for some cons: Many people complain about the fact that the wines aren’t always what they expected. Sometimes this is because people don’t know much about wine before ordering from a club. They don’t realize that some wines need to be aged for a certain amount of time before they can be fully appreciated, for example. Also, many people don’t have enough storage space and end up having to store the wines in extreme temperatures. Therefore, they drink them very young and aren’t able to appreciate the fine nuances of the wine. The best advice we can give you is to taste as much fine wine as possible before joining a wine club! This way you will know what to expect from each type of wine and know what kinds of flavors to look out for in each grape variety.

Another common complaint is that some clubs send poor quality wines or cheap ones that aren’t mixed well with others. However, the clubs that are in the business for a long time know that you want to receive wines of high quality. Usually they get their wines from commercial wine producing countries because they know that the quality is consistent and won’t fluctuate.

Lastly, sometimes people complain about recurring shipments and having to cancel their membership in order to not receive any more shipments. They worry about how to get over all those fine wines and say it’s too much! This is why we recommend that you taste more fine wine, join many clubs, and start your own club with friends and family! It’s also important to remember that when you sign on with a club, you are agreeing to receive shipments until you notify them otherwise.